At first the machine used to have some random power failure, where i would plug it in and the screen would go black. So I went ahead and replaced the motherboard. If you are facing blue screen of death Windows 10, you can read this post which offers the causes and corresponding solutions to this issue. Furthermore, this post also shows how to back up data and recover data via MiniTool Partition Wizard. If the laptop fails the same way with each memory module installed into each slot, most likely you have a problem with the motherboard.

  • If downloads are slow and web pages are taking forever to load, the first thing you should do is troubleshoot your slow internet connection.
  • Your default browser may not be optimized for your internet connection, so try downloading the file in a different browser.
  • To confirm that the HDMI module on both your input and output are working properly, use a pure HDMI cable and check.
  • Samsung phone or tablet will not power on or off Your phone or tablet may not turn on if you are not charging it properly.
  • And then, many articles related to these issues are released, which benefit plenty of users.

Windows uses the default DNS server provided by your internet service provider. You can change these DNS servers to some other fast server which may increase your internet speed. Below I have discussed some of the methods and settings changes that will help you with the problem of slow internet speed in windows 10. So, let’s dive into the how-to increase your internet speed in windows 10 guide and see which one of the settings can solve your problem. This feature is no different than the previous Windows auto-tuning feature.

How Do I Fix Slow Internet On Windows 10?

I removed the LCD mask and two screws from the screen to get to the video cable. The connector on the back of the LCD screen was half-way out. I put the connector back in place and secured it with a sticky tape. After the assembly the laptop started with a good video on the LCD screen. Most likely it is just a bad connection between the LCD display and the system board. I would try reseating the video cable connector on the back of the LCD screen first and check if it fixes the problem.

Restart Your Pc

After replacing the inverter, I have working ‘text mode’ on the laptop, but no graphics modes. That is, I can boot linux on the computer and if I boot into text mode, everything appears to be working fine. I can even adjust brightness on the panel with the function keys. However, if I choose to go into ‘graphical mode’, I just get a blank screen. If I hook up an external monitor I can see the graphic mode image on it, but I can’t seem to get it going on my laptop LCD. Of course, I have this same issue with a blank screen if I boot into Windows. Hi, I was wondering if my video cable is bad.

This is why we’re here to help you fix the slow internet on Windows 10, whether you use Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Applications running in the background can be a very common and obvious reason for lagging Internet speeds. Many of these background applications can be disabled when not in use to prevent a slow Internet connection. This will also improve the overall performance of the system. Missing, corrupt or damaged system files may reduce your internet connection speeds.